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Your shaving razor can cure you!

Your shaving razor can cure you!

Yes, your shaving razor can put your health at risk and make you sick. Be careful while replacing your skin, men and women!

Everyone uses or uses shaving razors at some point in our lives. Many men and women shave daily to get rid of hair from their face, neck, hands, legs and even pubic areas. Shaving is a convenient, fast and inexpensive way of removing the body’s hair. But your shaving razor can be harmful to your health if you are not taking proper care. You can invite the number of diseases and infections by just using shaving razors. This is why you need to be careful about shaving razors:

1) It is almost impossible to know if the shaving razor is really clean. You can not see bacteria or other germs on the blade. If you do not completely cleanse it, you are actually gliding bacteria-laden razor on your skin.

2) Shaving can cause a number of cuts and nicks on your skin. It is easy for bacteria and germs to enter your skin through these wounds. This can lead to a risk of fungal infections or yeast infections. Leaving your razor wet or not thoroughly cleaning can also be caused by folliculitis or ringworm infection.

3) You should never share a razor. It will increase your chances of getting infections. You can also get serious infections like Hepatitis or HIV if you share razors with someone with hepatitis or HIV.

4) Staphylococcus infection is one of the most common skin infections you can get. In this way, you will get painful rash or boil. It can be more painful and deceptive to deal with if it is happening in your pubic area.

5) Ingrown hair, when your hair grows back to the skin instead of growing outdoors, it is very common for people who often use shaving shaving. The inrown hair may get inflamed and become a painful boil. You need to grow your skin regularly to prevent hair loss.

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