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Try different ways to tuck your fat

Try different ways to tuck your fat

Exercising and following a healthy and balanced diet can help you to combat the bulge. But, here are some offbeat ways you can try to lose weight.

any of us wants to lose weight and fit into the clothes we want. Maintaining a healthy weight can help you stay in the top shape and ward of the disease such as obesity, diabetes and more. Many people are trying different tricks to cut excessive actions. However, we’ve listed some different ways that will help you fatten your fat.

You should smell vanilla: According to a study conducted on St. George Hospital in London, People Who Wore vanilla-scented patches lost in extra weight Compared to WHO life wore no patch or a variety of patches. Researchers have observed that the need for something sweet is silenced by sweet vanilla fragrance. Therefore, those who want vanilla do not go to the sea. You can also lighten vanilla scented candles that can also work wonders.
You should dim the lights when you eat: According to a study conducted in the year 2012, the dim lights in fast food restaurants to eat less helped people eat. Because the dimmed light extends the food time of the people and the environment is relaxed. Thus, it also increased the satisfaction of the people and made them eat less food.
You should write what you will eat or if you can shoot your diet: According to a research, if you take photos before eating or writing what you eat, it can help you to change your diet and adapt healthy foods.
Sit in front of the mirror while eating: According to a study, food in front of the mirror will help you to reduce the amount of food by about one-third. Repeat your weight loss as you face the glass. Remind yourself of your weight loss goals.
• You should surround yourself in blue: According to researchers, eating in a blue room can suppress your appetite. Bluish light can make your food more attractive. You can eat on blue plates, sit in a blue chair or table and have food.

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