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Trump warns technological giants, intensifying attacks claiming ‘bias’

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WASHINGTON (AFP) – President Donald Trump stepped up attacks on major technology companies on Tuesday and warned Facebook, Google and Twitter to be “careful,” hours after criticizing what he called “manipulated” Internet search results.

Trump offered no details on what steps he could take, but a senior White House adviser suggested that the administration might consider some form of regulation in response to the president’s complaints.

After a couple of morning tweets that attacked Google, Trump extended his warnings to other big Internet firms in comments to reporters in the White House.

“I think Google is really taking advantage of a lot of people and I think that’s something very serious and it’s a very serious charge,” Trump said.

He continued to quote Facebook and Twitter, in an apparent reference to his claims last week that social networks repressed conservative voices.

“You can not do that to people,” he said. “We literally have thousands and thousands of complaints coming in.”

Trump added: “Google, Twitter and Facebook: they are really treading territory very, very problematic and have to be careful”.

In his comments on Twitter, the president of the United States complained that Google is looking for “news from Trump,” and mostly published negative stories about him.

“They have RIGGED, for me and for others, so almost all the stories and news are BAD, the CNN Fake is prominent, the Republicans / Conservative & Fair Media are closed, illegal?” he wrote.

According to Trump, “96% of the results in ‘Trump News’ come from National Left-Wing Media.”

Google strongly rejected any prejudice.

“The search is not used to establish a political agenda and we do not skew our results towards any political ideology,” he said.

“We’re continually working to improve Google search and we never rank search results to manipulate political sentiment.”

It was not immediately clear what measures, if any, Trump had foreseen, but his chief economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, told reporters at the White House that “we are analyzing it” when asked about claims on Google.

Last week, Trump tweeted that “social networks totally discriminate against republican / conservative voices” and added “we will not let that happen”.

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