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Su’s dominance is an indicator of China’s progress, says Coe

Su’s dominance is an indicator of China’s progress, says Coe

Jakarta: The gold of Su Bingtian’s Asian Games in the 100 meters was a surprise for many, including the head of athletics Sebastian Coe, admirer of the little Chinese sprinter.
The 28-year-old won a record 9.92 seconds in Jakarta at the weekend, losing the continental record by the smallest fraction.

His outperform Nigeria’s Nigerian, Tosin Ogunode, younger brother of Femi Ogunode, with whom the Chinese star shares the best of 9.91, on a night when six African-born athletes took six golds at the Asian sports event.
Ryota Yamagata, part of the 4×100 meter Japanese team that took the silver behind Usain Bolt’s Jamaica at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, took bronze, underscoring Coe’s confidence in the future of the Asian sprint.
“You could argue that Japan and China are two of the most improved athletic nations in the last six or seven years,” the Briton said in an interview with news agencies.

For me it is very clear, they are progressing very well. If we had been sitting here a decade ago, talking about the potential here for a Chinese athlete to run 9.8, you probably would have had a lot of chances of that. ”
Coe, president of IAAF athletics, noted China’s willingness to accept foreign coaches after years of encouraging suspicion of doping sponsored by the state.
His is coached by American trainer Randy Huntington, while the association of swimming star Sun Yang with Australian Denis Cotterell has helped make him a world champion.
“If you look at the Chinese federation, they have been quite global,” said Coe. “They have recognized that there are gaps in their own training structures and they said ‘hey, we’re going to bring that talent to the table’.
“It’s a pragmatic approach, there’s been more clarity around the importance of coaching.”
Coe is aware of the huge gap left by the athletics megastar Bolt after the withdrawal of the Jamaican legend last year. But he also wants athletes to be personalities that can connect with fans.
“I’m a boxing fan,” said Coe, a two-time 1,500-meter Olympic champion.
“If we had been sitting in the 70s, would you probably tell me what the hell we are going to do after Muhammad Ali? But in reality, Floyd Mayweather, Hagler, Hearns are coming.
“Suddenly they replace Muhammad Ali?” No. Should we suddenly expect these athletes to replace him? “No,” he added.
“Because Usain is not only considered in the state in which he has thought because he has a sack full of world records and has a lot of Olympic titles.
“It’s really because he’s a personality, it’s performance, more personality, we have to help the athletes tell their stories.”
He himself is a superstar in China, although he has some way of achieving the celebrity that pin-up Liu Xiang achieved after winning 110-meter hurdles gold at the 2004 Athens Olympics.
“There was more pressure here than in a world championship,” Su said, swallowed by a state media outlet after his victory.
“Everyone expected me to win, so I told myself to stay calm, I just found a way, it’s a great victory for me.

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