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Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy joins LeBron James for the movie ‘HBO’

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy joins LeBron James for the movie ‘HBO’

Oscar-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy teamed up with NBL star LeBron James for a new company, ‘Student Athelete’, for which Chinoy recently announced the release of the documentary where Trish Dalton is its co-director.

The documentary tells the life of the university athletes who try to obtain knowledge about the billion dollar industry and the high price that players must pay to be part of it. The documentary is expected to air on October 2 on HBO sports, where James is the executive producer.

The set of documentaries aims to interpret the complex nature of amateur athletics in the United States and will orbit around the narratives of four young men who have suffered and experienced the exploitations of high-income university sports.

The documentary would also include narrations of a lawyer turned trainer who exposes the monetary transactions involved in athletics. The trip closes inside the camera of the athletes recruitment of life from high school to post-graduation and the general impact on their sports career.

Steve Stoute, the producer of the company, shed light on how a few other problems that sports men often go through in their struggle and fatigue journey: “The NCAA blinded by income goals is turning student athletes into employees of time full”.

“This documentary is incredibly important in that it discredits the myth that student athletes receive fair compensation when receiving scholarships and a valuable education.” In fact, the demands placed on these students by this oppressive system make it impossible for them to obtain the education they need. They deserve, now is the time to put an end to this false narrative and reveal the truth of this exploitation, “he added.

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