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Robi Domingo reveals anxiety attacks last year: I do not know where to go

Robi Domingo reveals anxiety attacks last year: I do not know where to go

As one of the hosts of the newest competition talent of ABS-CBN’s reality “The Kid Choice”, which begins airing this Saturday, September 1, Robi Domingo admitted he is grateful to get a new blessing this year after going through a difficult time last year.

“Of course it feels so unreal, so far, I still love it when I see the schedules on the calendar, in the last year, I was waiting for a year, a year, and as soon as possible, I was practically not doing anything on television except for Myx and ASAP that I do regularly, then, after a year, my last project is “I can do it”, I’ve had it of course, instead of anxiety attacks because, of course, it’s your own question. ‘Am I bad? Do I have to change?’ I’m no longer using ABS-CBN, as it is, and finally comes Star Hunt and this new blessing that The Kid’s Choice is still so overwhelming today, “he shared.

The host of Kapamilya shared how he had to deal with the anxiety attacks last year and how the personal experience happened. “I have been doing some advocacy with some of my friends because it is not right to use depression and sadness, anxiety attacks sometimes have gradients, there is a level, it is so last year that I have experienced it too, and it is not a joke the amount that I have spent, but the problem should be like that, eh Fortunately, I have my friends who helped me and channeled the negative energy in the companies, where my brother was, my family, and then, at the end of the day, Me is a choice you have to make and my choice is to be happy, “he said.

Robi admitted that her break with Gretchen Ho last year may also have been one of the reasons that triggered her anxiety attacks. “Maybe because of the breakup, because you wonder, I do not know where I’m going after how many years I’ve seen my classmates who were in college, graduated as a doctor and then I do not have work sometimes That’s all I said, ‘What about my life?’ Well, sometimes I get up suddenly at 2 or 3 in the morning, “he recalled.

The presenter of Kid’s Choice also reacted to the photos that circulated on social networks about him in a date, which was published by his good friend Alex Gonzaga after unexpectedly running into him in a shopping center. “Honestly, I do not really know what happened, but what happened and what happens is that I really hope to have to keep it private because whoever is with me is not a public figure and very private family yung niya,” he said.

Robi admitted that he was happy to bring her as a date during a recent celebrity premiere. “On Anne Curtis’ premiere night at BuyBust, she really loves local movies, supports local movies, local arts and anything else locally,” he added.

Although he admitted that his state is currently only dating, Robi said he only has one relationship with intentions to make it more serious in the future. “In fact, until now I know whether he’s ready or not, as long as he knows I’m happy.” Every time I enter a relationship, hopefully it is. I will not go to a relationship if I just play. He is not ready, but he is preparing, “he admitted.

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