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PTI leaders get tickets for brothers and sons to participate in the by-elections

PTI leaders get tickets for brothers and sons to participate in the by-elections

PESHAWAR: As expected, some of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders who won more than one seat in the assembly allegedly managed to get tickets for their brothers or sons to participate in the by-elections. Former Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief minister Pervez Khattak sent his brother Liaqat Khattak and his son Ibrahim Khattak to challenge the partial elections in the Nowshera district in the two seats of the vacated provincial assembly.

Pervez Khattak, who is now the federal defense minister, held the seat of the National Assembly that also won in the July 25 general elections. If his brother and son win the by-elections, Pervez Khattak would have laid the foundations of Pakistan’s largest political dynasty. Already his son-in-law, Dr. Imran Khattak, is the PNA MNA elected from Nowshera.

The other seat of the National Assembly is in the hands of Pervez Khattak. Two close relatives of Pervez Khattak were elected MNAs on the PTI ticket in reserved seats for women. At present, Liaqat Khattak, brother of Pervez Khattak, is the Nazim district of Nowshera. One of his nephews is Tehsil Nazim in Nowshera. Once Liaqat Khattak and Ibrahim Khattak win the seats of the provincial assembly in the by-elections, one of them will probably be included in the provincial cabinet.

Another PTI stalwart, Asad Qaiser, the former chairman of the KP Assembly who is now the spokesman for the National Assembly, has reportedly maneuvered to obtain the party ticket for his brother Aqibullah to contest the voting at the seat of the provincial assembly left vacant in Swabi. Asad Qaiser kept his seat in the National Assembly.

After the 2013 general elections, Asad Qaiser won a National Assembly and a seat in the KP Assembly of Swabi. On that occasion, he resigned his seat in the National Assembly and obtained his own younger brother, Aqibullah, elected as MNA after getting the PTI ticket.

For the partial elections in PK-97 Dera Ismail Khan, former provincial minister Ali Amin Gandapur has pressured and reportedly received a fine from PTI for his brother Faisal Amin to challenge the partial elections in the KP Assembly seat that he left vacant. Ali Amin Gandapur has maintained his seat in the National Assembly which he also won in the recent general elections by defeating Maulana Fazlur Rahman.

For the PK-3 Swat constituency, Ahmad Khan, brother of Prime Minister Mahmood Khan, is also a candidate, although sources said a PTI activist, Sajid Ali, has better chances of getting the party ticket to contest the by-election . The seat of the Assembly of KP, PK-3 Swat has been vacated by Dr. Haider Ali, who also won the seat of the National Assembly and has retained it.

In the partial elections in PK-7 Swat, which has been evicted by Dr. Amjad Ali, who won two seats in the provincial assembly, one of the main contenders for the PTI ticket is Haji Fazal Maula. He is a relative of PTI MNA Murad Saeed, who retained his seat in the Swat National Assembly in recent polls. Two other PTI activists, including the party coordinator for the Malakand division, Mohammad Rehman and Saeed Khan, are also competing for the party ticket to contest the bypolls.

For the partial elections in PK-99 Dera Ismail Khan in which the vote was postponed when the PTI candidate Sardar Ikramullah Gandapur was martyred in a suicide attack, his son Sardar Aghaz Khan received the ticket of the party to participate in the elections. Ikramullah Gandapur was a provincial minister in the previous PTI government. His younger brother Sardar Israrullah Gandapur, who was also a provincial minister, was also martyred in a suicide attack.

In the partial elections in the constituency of the National Assembly, NA-35 Bannu, the PTI has awarded the ticket to Malik Nasir Khan, once a member of the Pakistan hockey team and also a former legislator. The NA-35 Bannu was won by the president of PTI, Imran Khan, who defeated the former chief minister of KP Akram Khan Durrani sent by the MMA. The son of Akram Durrani will contest the partial elections on the MMA ticket, although he will also have the support of other opposition parties.

As Shah Farman is also vacating his seat in the provincial assembly in Peshawar after being appointed Governor of KP, there are reports that he is also trying to get the PTI ticket for one of his brothers.

Imran Khan had campaigned energetically all these years against the political dynasties in Pakistan, particularly those built by the Bhuttos Zardaris and Sharifs, but it seems that he can not prevent the leaders of his party from consolidating their own dynasties.

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