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PM Imran helicopter trips cost ‘much more’ than claimed

PM Imran helicopter trips cost ‘much more’ than claimed

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s helicopter trips to and from Bani Gala have provoked strong criticism throughout the country, and the real cost is much more than Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) claims, according to BBC Urdu.

Social networks have been evaluating government austerity measures, since a few days ago, the neighbors of PM Imran in Bani Gala published a video of the helicopter used by the former.

The Minister of Information, Fawad Chaudhry, while speaking with a local television channel, defended the use of the helicopter by the head of PTI saying that “the average cost is approximately 50-55 rupees per kilometer”.

According to BBC Urdu, the cost of the trip is in stark contrast to Chaudhry’s claim.

The distance between the residence of the previous cricketer in Bani Gala and the Secretariat of PM is 15 kilometers. In terms of aviation, this is reduced to 8 nautical miles.

The government has seven helicopters of the same type, with two available to the prime minister. Rs16,000 is the amount spent on traveling a nautical mile.

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If you multiply this by eight, it adds up to Rs128,000. Even if the cost of fuel and the valuation of the country’s currency are not taken into account as of April, the cost is much higher than the amount established by Chaudhry.

A senior police official, who has access to Prime Minister Imran’s security, said that “security officials are stationed along the route from the secretariat to Bani Gala, while security is also placed on the route of the helicopter “.

Therefore, the cost is not even close to Rs55 as claimed.

The helicopter leaves the heliport located near the sports complex.

The helicopter takes passengers from Bani Gala to the prime minister’s secretariat, which covers the extra distance and, therefore, also increases expenses.

Expenses also include personnel costs, use of air limits and travel.

If the same distance is covered through the business car of the car-sharing company Careem, it will cost Rs37-40 per kilometer.

This amount can also be saved by taking into account the special route for the PM as there will be no additional delays due to traffic.

According to a retired army aviation officer, “a helicopter whether operated or not costs thousands of rupees at the beginning, so it would be childish to say otherwise, such a claim can only be made due to lack of knowledge.”

He joked that running to the office would be the cheapest for PM Imran, as he does every morning. “That would keep him busy in the exercise and it would also save him time.” The police personnel and security personnel of Islamabad are assigned to the PM routes for security.

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