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Pakistan looks forward to Pompeo’s visit

Pakistan looks forward to Pompeo’s visit

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will visit Pakistan on September 5, Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi confirmed, describing the visit as meaningful for bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United States.
The senior diplomat in the administration of US President Donald Trump, Pompeo, reportedly will arrive in Islamabad on September 5 for a brief stay while heading to India.

It is likely that Pompeo and Prime Minister Imran Khan will discuss bilateral relations and matters of mutual interest during the meeting.
The confirmation of the visit heightens the hope for further talks between Islamabad and Washington despite the initial misunderstanding over a telephone call between Pompeo and Imran after he took office. Islamabad called Washington’s version of the discussion “objectively incorrect” and denied any discussion of militants operating in Pakistan. Meanwhile, the United States defended its version by saying: “We support our reading.”
Despite the confusion over the phone call, the US Secretary of State’s decision to visit Islamabad as the first foreign dignitary after the formation of the new government reflects the importance that Washington attaches to engaging with Pakistan’s new leaders.

“There were ups and downs, but it’s a vital relationship,” Qureshi said Friday. He said that Pompeo, in his phone call, was looking for a productive bilateral relationship.
“The conversation between the Secretary of State and the Prime Minister of Pakistan will surprise you to know … it was very good.” Not only did he [Pompeo] congratulate the prime minister, but he expressed his desire to seek constructive engagement with the new government [Pakistani], “Qureshi said, adding that the United States expects” productive bilateral relations “with Pakistan.
Qureshi also met with the outgoing ambassador of the USA. UU In Pakistan, David Hale, in Islamabad.
Congratulating Hale on his upcoming assignment as undersecretary of political affairs at the State Department, Qureshi expressed the hope that Hale can play a positive role in strengthening bilateral relations between Pak and the US. UU And regional peace and prosperity given that he had a better understanding of Pakistan and the region.
During the farewell call, the outgoing ambassador hoped that relations between the two countries would improve further after Pompeo’s visit to Pakistan.
Qureshi, meanwhile, highlighted the importance of long-standing relations with the United States at his recent press conference, saying he looks forward to welcoming the US Secretary of State. UU In Islamabad.

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