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Marked change witnessed in the PTV newsletter: BBC

Marked change witnessed in the PTV newsletter: BBC

ISLAMABAD: A marked change was witnessed on PTV news ‘Khabarnama’ after the abolition of censorship by the new federal government, BBC Pushto Service reported.

After taking over, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Fawad Chaudhry, announced the end of political censorship of news bulletins on state television.

There has been a significant change to broadcast news in the PTV newsletters, after the abolition of censorship by the federal government.

Previously, PTV used to broadcast news of the prime minister, followed by the president and federal ministers. The activities of the Chief Minister were transmitted after the ministers. In the same way, the news / activities of the judges and the Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) received outstanding coverage.

Now the priority of transmitting the news has changed completely.

Last week, the news of the Prime Minister was broadcast in the series number 20. In the same news bulletin, the activities of the opposition were transmitted before the activities of the Prime Minister.

In the past, criticisms of the acting government were not part of any newsletter. But now the news criticizing the government are regular features of the news bulletins.

It does not matter if the opposition criticizes the government or any other member of the opposition, the newsletter gives adequate coverage.

A journalist who works for PTV, Islamabad, told the BBC that they had been ordered to guarantee greater coverage to opposition leaders in PTV news bulletins compared to the past.

He said that kind of instruction he had received for the first time in his four years of service.

He said that a new change is that PTV has also begun to cover the trend of social networks, it was not allowed before.

When asked about any notification of change of editorial policy, he said that in routine policy is transmitted verbally, what kind of news should be transmitted and what not.

After the lifting of the restrictions, the observers began conducting critical analyzes of PTV.

One more change is that PTV has begun to accommodate analysts, taking a rigid stance against certain institutions, in their programs.

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