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It not only gets tired, you are risking your health condition in a somewhat serious way

It not only gets tired, you are risking your health condition in a somewhat serious way

According to a study made by a consumer product company, 93 percent of India is known to be sleeping without a defense. Studies show that 72 percent of Indians wake up one to three times every night and 87 percent of sleep deprivation affects their health. When mentioning on productivity, the study said more than 58 percent believed the Indian that their job was due to lack of proper sleep. These are fearsome numbers and to further establish the bad effects of bad sleep, the National Health Service (NHS), England, says “Your brain will become dew, which makes it difficult to focus and make decisions You will begin to feel and fall asleep in the day Your risk of injury and home, work and road accidents also increases. “Here are other health problems you are inviting by not sleeping, listed NHS.

Low immunity: Long-term prolongation relates to a disrupted immune system because lack of sleep does not allow the body to prevent cold and flu. Cold and flu viruses can easily enter your body and you will not be able to remove regular removal.

Obesity: Less sleeping in you is at risk of getting an extra kilogram. There have been numerous studies showing that people who sleep less than 7 hours a day tend to gain more weight and have a higher risk of being less fat than those recommended time of sleep. Due to less sleep, the level of leptin (the chemical that makes you happy) decreases and the level of ghrelin (the hungry stimulating hormone) that makes more food.

Depression and anxiety: Imagine if a sleepless night is angry with you and depressed the next morning, what will do you what’s cold sleepless night. Emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety are the answers such as a study showed. In that study, people with anxiety or depression were evaluated to calculate their sleep habits, and it showed that many of them were sleeping less than 6 hours a night.

Diabetic risk: Different studies have made sleep patterns and diabetic chances and suggested that people have less than 5 hours to develop a higher risk of developing diabetes. This occurs because the body does not fit the pattern and processes glucose in a different way, leading to diabetes.

Lower sex drive: Men and women who did not go to the sack for a quality sleep lost interest in sex, the research showed. Studies have also shown that sleep apnea leads to lower levels of testosterone in men and reduces libido.

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