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Instagram adds verified accounts to ‘stop bad actors’

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SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) – Instagram has proposed to thwart duplicity with an option to authenticate high profile accounts in the social network of images or videos owned by Facebook.

The blue badges shown on Instagram accounts indicate that the owners have gone through a verification process that includes supplying photos of identity documentation, according to technology director Mike Krieger.

“Keeping people with bad intentions out of our platform is incredibly important to me,” Krieger said in an online publication.

“That means trying to make sure that the people you follow and the accounts you interact with are who they say they are, and stop the bad actors before they cause harm.”

The expected function occurs at times when Facebook struggles to prevent social networks or their messaging platforms from being used by those who disseminate misinformation.

The verification badges are meant to let Instagram users know when the posts actually come from accounts of celebrities, notable public figures, big brands or well-known organizations.

“We will review verification requests to confirm the authenticity, uniqueness, integrity and notoriety of each account,” Krieger said.

In the coming weeks, account profiles with a large audience will begin to show more information, such as when they were created, where they are and what ads can be published, according to Instagram.

Instagram, in June, announced that it had exceeded one billion active users, and unveiled a new long-form video feature in an attempt to attract “creators” like those on YouTube.

It became the fourth platform of Facebook to reach the brand of one billion users, including the homonymous social network with more than two billion users, and the messaging applications WhatsApp and Messenger.

Facebook acquired Instagram in April 2012 for a combination of cash and shares worth about $ 1 billion at that time.

Although Facebook does not offer a detailed breakdown of revenue, eMarketer estimates that Instagram will generate $ 5.48 billion in net advertising revenue this year, 70.4 percent more than last year and represents more than a quarter of mobile advertising revenue. net of Facebook.

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