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GB Minister loses his PIA officer at the Islamabad airport

web hamari: a video went viral on Thursday and showed Fida Hussain, Minister of Tourism of Gilgit Baltistan, who lost her temper and mistreated an official at the Pakistan International Airport (PIA) at the Islamabad airport for the cancellation of a flight bound for Gilgit due to adverse weather conditions.

In the video, you can see Mr. Hussain and another minister Aurangzaib making abusive comments and burning their jackets in protest of the cancellation of the flight.

The officials of the PIA, the Airport Security Force (ASF) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) present at the airport kept them pacifying, but it was in vain, since the ministers not only misbehaved with them but also They made threats.

Mr. Hussain had returned from the United Kingdom and was accompanied by more than 25 foreigners who were going to fly to Gilgit along with him.

According to PIA officials, the flight was canceled due to bad weather as a matter of routine.

Speaking to ARY News, the minister stopped the blame for this episode at the door of PIA officials, saying that all this happened because of his “behavior, lies and fraud”.

When faced with questions about why she became physical, she said: “We are not stupid, illiterate or irresponsible people, but ministers. A flight to Gilgit had already departed, while the second one was canceled. How is it that the second flight could not take off due to bad weather when the first one was already in the air? “

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