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CJP refuses to accept donations from men with mental disorders

web hamari: The President of the Supreme Court of Pakistan (PCJ), Mian Saqib Nisar, refused to accept donations for the prison fund from a person who, according to his wife, had a mental disorder.

A few days earlier, a man named Sheikh Shahid donated his assets worth 80 million rupees to the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the Prime Minister of Pakistan Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand Dams Fund.

On Sunday, the wife and three children of the donor approached the Lahore registry of the court of first instance, complaining that Mr. Shahid had donated the property without the consent of the family.

Due to his disturbed mental state, Shahid took the step of donating the property to the fund without asking any member of the family, they added.

To which, Judge Nisar told the family that his property would not be accepted as a donation for the dam’s fund, because under the Sharia law, it was the right of the heirs.

The superior judge ordered the authorities concerned to carry out a medical examination of Mr. Shahid and to present him with a report.

It is pertinent to mention that the National Assembly was informed on November 9 that Rs7.5 billion have been deposited in the Diamer Bhasha created by the Supreme Court and the Mohmand Dams Fund, so far.

The Minister of State for Revenues, Hammad Azhar, told the lower house of Parliament that out of the total amount, people living abroad contributed Rs804 million.

Donate to the bottom of the dam
The Fund has been established by the SBP following the instructions of the Supreme Court. All commercial and microfinance banks, and the external offices of SBP Banking Services Corporation have opened the Fund’s account to receive cash donations, checks, payment orders and money orders at all of their branches throughout the country.

Donors can also make online donations to the Fund through Internet banking, ATMs and other alternative delivery channels (ADC) using the IBAN of their respective banks. The banks have sent the IBANs of the Fund’s account to their customers through SMS alerts, while the bank list of the IBANs is also available on the SBP website.

Citizens can also donate Rs10 to the CJP dam fund by writing “prey” and sending the SMS to 8000, which will deduct the credit amount from the phone.

Donations can also be made through credit / debit cards from anywhere in the world by clicking on “Online Collections for the Supreme Court Diaham Bhasha & Mohamand Dams Fund” on the SBP website.

Pakistanis abroad who have PKR accounts in Pakistan can also make donations to the Fund through the Internet banking facility of their respective banks.

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