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Anemic and pregnancy planning? Here’s what you should do


Anemic and pregnancy planning? Here’s what you should do

Anemia during pregnancy can affect the growth and development of the baby. Similarly, low levels of hemoglobin pre-conception can be difficult to imagine. Find out what you can do with your hemoglobin levels
According to WHO statistics, nearly 58 percent of Indian women are anemic and estimate anemia is the underlying cause of 20 to 40 percent of maternal deaths in India. Likewise India helps nearly 80 percent of maternal deaths due to anemia in South Asia.

Statistics are enough to scare you and believe that when it comes to anemia during pregnancy during pregnancy is better than cure. As a good practice, a person should get blood tests to check the condition while planning the pregnancy. It will be easy to manage and treat anemia problem during pregnancy. So if your preconception tests show that you are anemic and low in hemoglobin here are some things you need to do:

Load on a rich iron supplement: After consulting with your doctor take rich iron supplements that will help your hemoglobin levels. This will help you get pregnant faster. Correcting your iron levels before pregnancy is necessary because it can help your baby’s proper development and development.

Make sure your diet has enough vitamin C: Get more vitamin C. Your body needs vitamin C to understand and properly use the iron, so take 1,000 milligrams (at least) daily. Have at least two oranges to make sure you are getting enough vitamin C.

Check out your diet: Have foods rich in iron content. Many offers from the bounty of nature. Especially if you are planning your pregnancy to eat more than spinach, broccoli, fenugreek and other green vegetables that are good for your body and improve your hemoglobin count.

Go for blood tests: Once you start taking iron supplements and make the necessary diet changes for blood tests to check your hemoglobin levels.

All of these will help you to plan a better pregnancy.

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